Project Veritas: CNN Leaks

Today citizen journalist James O’Keefe went live to announce his release of leaked tapes from CNN from 2009. The tapes, which are said to be 119 hours of raw audio, from a collection of 200 hours of tape, were released on O’Keefe’s website, Project Veritas  . O’Keefe announced that he would give a reward of $10,000 for any leaks from the mainstream media that he deems to be worthy.

The leaks released included today covered a wide range of topics. The most jarring for WK News, was a tape which appears to show CNN Executive Editor Arthur Brice referring to CNN’s polls as dishonest and outdated. While this could mean many things, it would certainly give President Donald Trump’s accusations of fake polls, a lot more credibility. Furthermore it would reenforce the idea that the mainstream media is dishonest, and give encouragement to WK News and organizations like it to continue reporting real news.

These leaks as well as Project Veritas as a whole are still developing. WK News will continue to honestly cover this breaking information.



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